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Albertine may be a piece of every woman but it's us too, Anémone and Caroline. We're two rock 'n' roll sisters who love the ocean and fashion. Let's be clear, we didn't stumble into our adventure by chance; it came naturally! It's the story of a genuine and inspirational family passion that weaves its web through time without ever unravelling. It all began in 1913 when our great-grandfather founded the Maison de Corseterie et Bonneterie Anthon.

Then our grandfather Albert took the helm at the company. Naturally, our Dad kept the legacy alive and our stylist mother brought corsetry garments into the modern age to create more carefree and trendier lingerie. We have wonderful memories of the years we spent flitting around the corsets and lace: truly inspiring images, the unforgettable fabric scents, old wooden floorboards and, primarily, the burning urge to design. Our childhood was a whirlwind where we spent summer in our swimsuits with a smile on our faces and the sea in our sights. After years of Caroline working in marketing and Anémone in advertising, we were fuelled by the drive to create and decided to go back to our roots. Together, we founded Albertine.

The Brand
The Brand


Albertine is an ode to the sea, warm sand, feminine beauty, their laughter and desires. Albertine is a setting sun, a wave that breaks, a beach where you get a golden tan, a drunken night, a carefree day. Since we founded our company ten years ago, we have moulded our signature vision of joyful, free and unapologetic femininity by putting our own spin on lingerie and swimwear.

The sought-after and figure-flattering fits, incredible fabrics and bold prints make an Albertine swimsuit a fully-fledged fashion statement. You can wear it on the beach or in the city with denim shorts and ooze effortless, cool and sophisticated sex appeal.

An appealing aesthetic that stands out from the crowd with the same fun and carefree feel that goes into our lingerie collection launched in 2015. The comfortable and sensual collection comes in every shape with the same signature look, subtle stand-out details, velvet bands or lamé straps, fabric blends and fabulous cuts.  With lingerie as pretty and delicate as this, you'll want to show it off; you'll feel good in it. 

Albertine makes every woman's beauty shine through and reflect their style, from the street to the big blue sea.

The Brand


At Albertine, we design instinctively with the simple and honest drive to create something you won't find anywhere else, something in our image. Our collections are inspired by travel, memories, our desires, women and trends. Each model encapsulates our values and our vision of femininity.

We work in close partnership with a French family-run factory specialising in corsetry to turn our designs into prototypes. We work very closely together on every collection with lots of toing and froing that only stops when we've found the magic formula. We alter, check, restart, try and try again until the result is perfect. We test the fabrics that we have carefully selected from the best suppliers in Europe for the ultimate in quality. It's an exciting process that involves some real belly laughs when we start trying things on in the office. When we say we trying things on at Albertine, we really try things on, we go swimming, we dance, we jump, we roll in the sand… 

Then the little Tunisian production workshops carefully make the models before they're sent to our retailers, our website and shops. We're sensible about our stock; we don't like waste or overconsumption. Also, when we can we use any left-over fabric stock to create capsules in collaboration.

In the meantime, our small team gets on with shooting the collection which couldn't be more exciting as the thrilling end to a year of hard work.

The Brand